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Mini-clinics are perfect for specific problems. These focused sessions have been useful for start-ups and small companies to help them overcome obstacles.

How it works
You give me the problem. I spend a few hours researching the problem, from looking at your current solution, if one exists, to benchmarking competitors and identifying similar design patterns. Then we get together with your team for a fast workshop, typically a few hours, where we walk through the problem, I present my findings, and I teach you to think like an UX’er. While I will likely have some strong suggestions on how you should proceed, my goal is to get you to think through the problem like I’d think through the problem. At the end of the session, you have a direction to take the team.
Total time: ~8-10 hours

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Discovery / Project Kickoff

This specialized workshop helps teams create a strong foundation for a new product or significant redesign of an existing product. In a short timeframe, you will clarify and agree on project goals, target personas, key flows, MVP, and key page designs.

How it works
I facilitate your team through a structured series of 90-minute workshops to establish a strong foundation that everyone stands behind. Before the start of the workshop, I work with you on the specific sessions that will be needed based on the needs of your team. This can also be split into two parts, a foundational initiative and an initial design initiative.
Total time: 1-2 weeks (depending on the specific agenda and how many sessions are conducted each day)

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UX on the Clock

Strategic and tactical UX support at an hourly rate.

How it works
I work with you and your team to help you identify key business goals, hypothesize designs that will support those goals, create wireframes and/or prototypes to document the proposed designs, and test (or work with your team to test) the designs to ensure they meet the goals. Can include heuristic analysis, persona creation, user research, wireframes, prototypes, usability testing, story maps, etc.
Total time: as needed

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Onsite Training

Is there a skill your team needs some help with? I bring a more personalized version of either an existing class, or create a new training workshop to meet your team’s needs.

How it works
You can choose from one of my existing talks and workshop topics or request an entirely new topic. I work with you to customize the content and the length of the training workshop and then present it at the location of your choosing.
Total time: 1-3 days (including prep, if necessary)

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Agility Enhancement

Helping teams of all kinds, from dev to design, work together more effectively, deliver faster, and with greater visibility.

How it works
I start by understanding what is working, where the team feels it needs help, and the constraints of the current environment. Then I’ll work with the team and help them experiment with new techniques that will get them where they need to go.
Time: as needed

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