Some new projects

After a long hiatus, I’m jumping back into the world of content creation. Not only will I be creating more posts for this blog based on my current companies evolution with UX, Agile, & kanban, but I have started a few other initiatives that I wanted to highlight.

Lunch with TED
Lunch with TED is a simple and free way to bring inspiration, perspective, creative thinking, and community to your workplace with very little effort and no money. Simply reserve a room, invite colleagues, and screen a TED talk. I started running them almost two years ago at my last company and have continued at my current company. They are so popular that I decided to share the idea in the hope that others find it useful.

Open Personas Project
A number of years ago, Steve Mulder, author of The User is Always Right, and I came up with the idea for an open source repository of personas. People who had created personas could share them with the broader community, and those who needed a starting point could use personas that had already been vetted to some degree. We can’t do this on our own and are recruiting a team of volunteers to help make it a reality.
The design community has made so much progress in the past few years. With the success of everything from the iPhone to the Nest, businesses are realizing that good design sells. Sadly, there are still a lot of experiences that are not just bad, they are FUXT. You can help end these travesties by calling them out and publicly shaming them on Don’t let bad design go unpunished.

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